Wednesday, August 18, 2010

first day of orientation

I am definitely done with my first day of orientation... IT was soo long! Only 2 more days and one more ceremony and then the weekend and Monday is my first day of professional school! I got home from orientation and promptly ate some dinner and took a nap I was sooo tired! Then I have watched some TV and pretty much been lazy all evening... I need to get up and get my house cleaned since my WHOLE family will be here on Friday. Right now I am using my very expensive new computer from school... It's pretty cool, but not sure if it was worth $2500! However, it will be 'green' for the school year since all of our notes are on it, and I am all about being green! I am awaiting a shipment of scrapbook supplies from Oh my crafts, which is definitely one of my favorite online stores. I guess I am not going to have much time to scrap, but I will try to get some done during the year! I will have more time to blog since I will be on my computer all of the time at school now, so I hope I will have more followers soon! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

feeling like i'm living in a 3rd world country...

Well it is officially Saturday... well Sunday now and I am so tired of feeling like I am living in a 3rd world country. Since the flooding that happened on Wednesday and Thursday we had 8 water mains break and there is a boil ordinance in effect until further notice. I have been boiling water to wash dishes, make food, and for the animals. I have been buying bottled water to drink as well. I am so tired of boiling water and not being able to open my mouth in the shower that will never take for granted fresh water again! And on top of the boil ordinance there is a serious conservation of water effort also going on, so we aren't supposed to use anymore water than we actually need for drinking and using the toilet! I know it could have been much worse for me since my house didn't sustain any damage from the water, however it still sucks! Needless to say I have been working the last 2 days and working at a restaurant during a boil ordinance is just dumb... I can't believe all of the people that come out for dinner in a time of emergency! Yesterday we served on plastic plates and with plastic silverware, today we served on regular flatware but with plastic silverware... I was bartending tonight and that was pretty much a joke since they sent the early out home before I even got there... So I pretty much got my butt handed to me all night. NO FUN! Well now I am home and almost done winding down after work but I have to get up in the morning for a double... blah.... anyways I am posting the layout I made this morning! I think it's way cute!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More layouts...

My applebuddies!


What a whirl-wind week! Ames, the town I live in, has been getting massive amounts of rain this week and yesterday the creek that runs through the town overran it's banks and caused massive flooding throughout the town. One of my best friends had to be evacuated from her apartment via boat with her little bunny in a basket! I spent the better part of 3 hours trying to reach her on the other side of the water! Eventually I was able to get her and bring her back to my house safe and sound. On top of the flooding we had a major water main break and now all of the faucet water is under a boil ordinance... That really sucks and I can't wait to be able to drink out of the faucet again!
Last weekend we went to Cedar Point, Ohio which is the best roller coaster park in the world!!! The 10 hour drive in a crowded car was the least favorite part of the trip, but having a great time was definitely worth it! Got some scrappin done this week, but definitely not enough to get caught up! Well since part of my town is still flooded I am planning a scrapping day and maybe if it cools down later some hammock time!Posting a couple of layouts I did on tuesday! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

soo busy lately!

I have been soo busy lately that I haven't had time to do much of anything besides breathe, eat, and work... Which reminds me I really want to see the movie eat. pray. love. with Julia Roberts in it!! Well August is upon us and my birthday has came and went and I am a whole 22 now! Also one of my work friends also turned 21 so we had to do some major celebrating. Orientation is just weeks away now and I am basically kicking and screaming my way into it. I do not want this summer to end especially when it has gone so fast! Well tomorrow we're off to the lake so that should be super fun. And next weekend we're headed to cedar point for the amusement park! So excited. Posting my new pair of reebok easy tone shoes that I got the other day... love them and hopefully they will tone my butt!!! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

twisted sketch #58

well after thinking I wasn't in the mood to scrap, I finished a layout journaling that I didn't finish on Friday and then made this layout for a twisted sketch challenge that I have been putting off. For some reason I got so inspired by this awesome paper from Bo Bunny! The layout is entitled ME and a link to the sketch is: the twist for this sketch was to use texture in any way shape or form. Well I used lots of texture from slightly sanding the flat colored brads, to using walnut ink on the scalloped border that had texture and brought out the blue tattered angels shimmer mist that I sprayed underneath it. I also painted the letters and then slightly brushed them with a copper metallic paint. I ripped the edges of the photo to give it more texture, and last but not least I used scrappers mesh as a mask and then stamped over it on the three circles to give it more texture! I am really pleased with how this turned out, and the quote is so me, "Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today" Enjoy!

a fantastic birthday!!!

Well my 22nd birthday has came and went and let me tell you what... it was fantastic!!! We went to prairie meadows (a racetrack and casino) near by where we live. We went to bet on the ponies. I had never been there before and my family and Chris's family came with us. We kept the betting pretty cheap (minimum $2 per bet) and had little wagers against each other. It was raining so it kind of threw the odds out the window because horses that were good on a normal track weren't necessarily good on a muddy track. So while the first couple of races were going on a storm started rolling in, and before we knew it it was lighting and pouring outside. However, they still raced the ponies even with that storm going on! We couldn't believe they kept on racing. We cut out of the races two races early because we wanted to go get some dinner. We had a great meal at a local steakhouse and I treated myself to some cheesecake!!! BUT the bad part of the night happened while I was running to the car in the rain after dinner. I opened the door, apparently not far enough, before I tried to get in and I smacked my eye socket on the door frame... IT STILL HURTS!!! It's turning black and blue today I guess I can't have a perfect birthday, but it was still pretty good!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

nice suprise!

Well, I was taking a break from scrapping yesterday before I got ready for work when my boyfriend showed up at my house! I was so excited to see him, however I was a little bummed that I couldn't spend most of the evening with him since I had to go to work, but I got off a little early and got to spend some time with him before bedtime last night... I got one challenge done yesterday along with a challenge that was from last week that I was too late to submit, but I wanted to do it anyway! Well today I am awake because Chris left for work and thought it would be fun to wake me up before he left! However, I have things to get done this morning, enjoy the layouts! I am posting the challenge layout which was to make a layout that had a guy feel to it. My Splash layout was last week's sketch challenge from the scrap-room, but I didn't get it done in time to submit, oh well! Enjoy

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I am soo exhausted after this weekend. I clocked in Friday night with about 15 hours, and then clocked out tonight with 43 hours... I would say that this is a high working weekend!!! Well I paid my rent for the month this weekend, plus have some money left over to save for our mini vaca weekend in Cedar Point, Ohio!!! I am so excited to spend some time away from everything here before I start back to school. I really wanted to get some scrapping done this weekend, since I would have loved to get the layout for scrap-room blog challenge. I love love love doing challenges lately and I get soo much more done when I am doing them, because I am inspired to do the layout and that inspiration keeps on going and helps me get more done... I close again the next 2 nights, but during the day I should be okay to get some scrapping done! Well I am soo exhausted right now all I want to do is fall asleep. So I think I will!!! Goodnight!

Friday, July 16, 2010

summertime scrappin

I have been getting so much scrapping done lately, which is really great since as soon as vet school starts its going to dry up pretty quickly! Chris just told me today that we will be going to Cedar Point in August for a little vacation!! Yay! Pretty excited, it will be my brother and his girlfriend, and chris and I. Even though it will only be a couple of days, it will be nice to get away before school starts. Well, on to take a nap since I was woken up very early this morning by my boyfriend!!! He had to go to work, then I couldn't fall back asleep when he left. I am posting my latest scrap challenge, from scrap mojo which was to create a layout with the best representation of summer. This is what I came up with. Also posting a picture of the frame I made to hang above my desk!

Monday, July 12, 2010

find out who your friends are...

Well this weekend was kind of an eye opener for me... I went to my friend aaron's wedding about 2 hours away from Ames. The wedding was so beautiful and the couple looked so happy together. I was pretty much paparazzi-ing it up the whole time I was there.

Well my friend kelsey and I were supposed to ride back together from the wedding, after I gave up my hotel room to our other couple friends because Kelsey didn't want to spend the money on the hotel room... So about an hour before we were going to leave she decided that she wanted to stay with our other friends and get a ride back in the morning... Leaving me to drive back to Ames (2 hours by myself) I would have also been okay with staying and continuing to party but my dog was waiting for me at home and needed to be let out and I couldn't very well leave her locked up all night and day. I would have had her boarded in the first place if I knew this was going to happen, however since I thought the plan was to not stay I didn't. I was soooo angry. Well, now it has been 2 days since that happened and she has not contacted me or even tried to apologize. I think it's kind of showing me how good of a friend she really is. O well I guess... I'll get over it.

On a happier note I have been getting lots of scrapbooking done lately! I am soooooo addicted to scrap challenges lately. I really love the sketch challenges, I am getting so many pages done! The latest one I am posting is from #56 the twist to the sketch was to use sunshine in some way possible. I thought that the paper and the diecut with the quote on it that says "don't forget to let sunshine into your heart, life, and soul." Perfect for this challenge. Hopefully I will start winning some of these challenges and get some free stuff sometime soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

still so tickled

I am still so tickled with my friends forever layout that I wanted to highlight some accent pieces of the page, that might not be able to be seen from the whole picture... Comments from the wedding last night and pictures later... bad night. But anyways enjoy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

CKC Des Moines!!

Well yesterday, July 9, I visited CKC Des Moines... IT was SOOO AMAZING! I didn't take any classes, however I did go to the vendor fair and do some shopping. I walked in and was completely overwhelmed by what I saw. There were rows and rows of vendors all in 1 place. I have never been to anything like that before! Needless to say the girl who never is speechless was very much so. I walked around for like 20 minutes looking at everything before I started actually shopping. I found a booth that had clearance of 50-75% off of everything, and it was all products that I totally love, so dropped a good amount there... I didn't give myself that much time there since I only had a limited budget, so I did some shopping, walked around and came home. Too bad I had to go right to work otherwise I would have been in my scrap room all night. I did come home and make a couple of pages after work, but I got too tired to keep going. The pages I made, one was a twisted sketch number 56 and it was a picture of me laying in a chair with my feet pointed to the Caribbean sea in Cancun... The twist for the sketch was red, so I did the accents on the destination in red and then the sub title in red embossing. I think It turned out pretty simple but I really like it. The other page I made was a complete opposite thing, it is my friend nicole and I working at a dive bar we used to work at. We had so much fun there... But this page is super glitzy and blingy and I love it. It screams girly!
Well today we are off to a wedding a couple of hours away so I have to get my act in gear and get ready! Enjoy my layouts!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

nothing new under the moon...

Just finished matching up some layouts with pictures and patterned paper for my China album (my trip was 4 years ago!!!) I don't have that much of my album left and I am getting very excited to have it finished and be able to focus on my main albums. However I also promised myself I would get my senior year of volleyball finished this summer too (now also 4 years ago) since I guess I just spaced off scrapping it 2 years ago when I did that album? Whatever I'm wee taw ded some times... Furthermore I also need to finish the layouts for my niagra falls pictures (unsure how old because they are OLD!!!) and since one of them goes in my bucket list album then I probably will need to make more copies...
Worked doubles at the Bees yesterday and today, and on top of that got my rabies vaccine today so I'm feeling a little bit dumpy... but that didn't stop me from putting together some awesome scrap challenge layouts that I hopefully can get done tomorrow while baby sitting (haven't baby sat for a while so I don't really remember how much they sleep) but if I don't I have Friday morning and all day on Sunday to get it done... I let myself use whatever pictures I want for scrap challenges instead of just going in chronological order because I feel more inspired and when more inspired.. they more pages I get done total! Hopefully I'm super productive tomorrow because this weekend I will be at a wedding and be taking lots of pictures! Should be a good time since it's an open bar!!

I am posting a layout of one of my most favorite China layouts that I have done so far. Hopefully anyone reading this will be inspired to go back and finish any old projects that they have yet to finish... Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Wow, what a whirl-wind weekend! We had a family reunion with about 50-75 people attending from as far away as Wyoming, Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Washington! I haven't been to a reunion in about 3 years so it was so nice to get to see some family I haven't seen since the last reunion I attended. This year was different in the fact that my boyfriend, Chris, got to meet some of my extended family that he has never met. They can be a little bit overwhelming (as family tends to be) but he seemed to fit right in and was received well by everyone. Some of my family seems to have changed a bit, some of them seem almost stand-offish whereas they usually pitch right in and get involved in all of the activities. It almost makes me wonder what has happened, but of course when asked about it nothing is wrong (right...) Anyway on a happier note, we took a nice family picture (with my new sony cybershot DSC-TX5 :-) It is posted below! Furthermore, we loaded up two of our baby horses today to send them to the trainer to give them some manners! I would love to have done it, but I just do not have time and I live an hour away. Anyways the trainer I found seems to be really nice and she seems to have the same discipline skills that I do. Well enough blabbing, I am going to go scrap for a few hours... I might post some layouts if I get any done... (haha)