Wednesday, August 18, 2010

first day of orientation

I am definitely done with my first day of orientation... IT was soo long! Only 2 more days and one more ceremony and then the weekend and Monday is my first day of professional school! I got home from orientation and promptly ate some dinner and took a nap I was sooo tired! Then I have watched some TV and pretty much been lazy all evening... I need to get up and get my house cleaned since my WHOLE family will be here on Friday. Right now I am using my very expensive new computer from school... It's pretty cool, but not sure if it was worth $2500! However, it will be 'green' for the school year since all of our notes are on it, and I am all about being green! I am awaiting a shipment of scrapbook supplies from Oh my crafts, which is definitely one of my favorite online stores. I guess I am not going to have much time to scrap, but I will try to get some done during the year! I will have more time to blog since I will be on my computer all of the time at school now, so I hope I will have more followers soon! Thanks for reading!

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