Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Wow, what a whirl-wind weekend! We had a family reunion with about 50-75 people attending from as far away as Wyoming, Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Washington! I haven't been to a reunion in about 3 years so it was so nice to get to see some family I haven't seen since the last reunion I attended. This year was different in the fact that my boyfriend, Chris, got to meet some of my extended family that he has never met. They can be a little bit overwhelming (as family tends to be) but he seemed to fit right in and was received well by everyone. Some of my family seems to have changed a bit, some of them seem almost stand-offish whereas they usually pitch right in and get involved in all of the activities. It almost makes me wonder what has happened, but of course when asked about it nothing is wrong (right...) Anyway on a happier note, we took a nice family picture (with my new sony cybershot DSC-TX5 :-) It is posted below! Furthermore, we loaded up two of our baby horses today to send them to the trainer to give them some manners! I would love to have done it, but I just do not have time and I live an hour away. Anyways the trainer I found seems to be really nice and she seems to have the same discipline skills that I do. Well enough blabbing, I am going to go scrap for a few hours... I might post some layouts if I get any done... (haha)

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  1. wow! what a turn-out! My family has never had a planned reunion...definitely a fantastic event!