Wednesday, July 7, 2010

nothing new under the moon...

Just finished matching up some layouts with pictures and patterned paper for my China album (my trip was 4 years ago!!!) I don't have that much of my album left and I am getting very excited to have it finished and be able to focus on my main albums. However I also promised myself I would get my senior year of volleyball finished this summer too (now also 4 years ago) since I guess I just spaced off scrapping it 2 years ago when I did that album? Whatever I'm wee taw ded some times... Furthermore I also need to finish the layouts for my niagra falls pictures (unsure how old because they are OLD!!!) and since one of them goes in my bucket list album then I probably will need to make more copies...
Worked doubles at the Bees yesterday and today, and on top of that got my rabies vaccine today so I'm feeling a little bit dumpy... but that didn't stop me from putting together some awesome scrap challenge layouts that I hopefully can get done tomorrow while baby sitting (haven't baby sat for a while so I don't really remember how much they sleep) but if I don't I have Friday morning and all day on Sunday to get it done... I let myself use whatever pictures I want for scrap challenges instead of just going in chronological order because I feel more inspired and when more inspired.. they more pages I get done total! Hopefully I'm super productive tomorrow because this weekend I will be at a wedding and be taking lots of pictures! Should be a good time since it's an open bar!!

I am posting a layout of one of my most favorite China layouts that I have done so far. Hopefully anyone reading this will be inspired to go back and finish any old projects that they have yet to finish... Thanks for reading!

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  1. this really looks amazing!!! Good for you for going back to finish!!! TFS!