Saturday, July 24, 2010

a fantastic birthday!!!

Well my 22nd birthday has came and went and let me tell you what... it was fantastic!!! We went to prairie meadows (a racetrack and casino) near by where we live. We went to bet on the ponies. I had never been there before and my family and Chris's family came with us. We kept the betting pretty cheap (minimum $2 per bet) and had little wagers against each other. It was raining so it kind of threw the odds out the window because horses that were good on a normal track weren't necessarily good on a muddy track. So while the first couple of races were going on a storm started rolling in, and before we knew it it was lighting and pouring outside. However, they still raced the ponies even with that storm going on! We couldn't believe they kept on racing. We cut out of the races two races early because we wanted to go get some dinner. We had a great meal at a local steakhouse and I treated myself to some cheesecake!!! BUT the bad part of the night happened while I was running to the car in the rain after dinner. I opened the door, apparently not far enough, before I tried to get in and I smacked my eye socket on the door frame... IT STILL HURTS!!! It's turning black and blue today I guess I can't have a perfect birthday, but it was still pretty good!

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