Saturday, July 10, 2010

CKC Des Moines!!

Well yesterday, July 9, I visited CKC Des Moines... IT was SOOO AMAZING! I didn't take any classes, however I did go to the vendor fair and do some shopping. I walked in and was completely overwhelmed by what I saw. There were rows and rows of vendors all in 1 place. I have never been to anything like that before! Needless to say the girl who never is speechless was very much so. I walked around for like 20 minutes looking at everything before I started actually shopping. I found a booth that had clearance of 50-75% off of everything, and it was all products that I totally love, so dropped a good amount there... I didn't give myself that much time there since I only had a limited budget, so I did some shopping, walked around and came home. Too bad I had to go right to work otherwise I would have been in my scrap room all night. I did come home and make a couple of pages after work, but I got too tired to keep going. The pages I made, one was a twisted sketch number 56 and it was a picture of me laying in a chair with my feet pointed to the Caribbean sea in Cancun... The twist for the sketch was red, so I did the accents on the destination in red and then the sub title in red embossing. I think It turned out pretty simple but I really like it. The other page I made was a complete opposite thing, it is my friend nicole and I working at a dive bar we used to work at. We had so much fun there... But this page is super glitzy and blingy and I love it. It screams girly!
Well today we are off to a wedding a couple of hours away so I have to get my act in gear and get ready! Enjoy my layouts!

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  1. fantastic job on this twisted sketch! turned out looking fab!!! TFS!