Monday, July 12, 2010

find out who your friends are...

Well this weekend was kind of an eye opener for me... I went to my friend aaron's wedding about 2 hours away from Ames. The wedding was so beautiful and the couple looked so happy together. I was pretty much paparazzi-ing it up the whole time I was there.

Well my friend kelsey and I were supposed to ride back together from the wedding, after I gave up my hotel room to our other couple friends because Kelsey didn't want to spend the money on the hotel room... So about an hour before we were going to leave she decided that she wanted to stay with our other friends and get a ride back in the morning... Leaving me to drive back to Ames (2 hours by myself) I would have also been okay with staying and continuing to party but my dog was waiting for me at home and needed to be let out and I couldn't very well leave her locked up all night and day. I would have had her boarded in the first place if I knew this was going to happen, however since I thought the plan was to not stay I didn't. I was soooo angry. Well, now it has been 2 days since that happened and she has not contacted me or even tried to apologize. I think it's kind of showing me how good of a friend she really is. O well I guess... I'll get over it.

On a happier note I have been getting lots of scrapbooking done lately! I am soooooo addicted to scrap challenges lately. I really love the sketch challenges, I am getting so many pages done! The latest one I am posting is from #56 the twist to the sketch was to use sunshine in some way possible. I thought that the paper and the diecut with the quote on it that says "don't forget to let sunshine into your heart, life, and soul." Perfect for this challenge. Hopefully I will start winning some of these challenges and get some free stuff sometime soon!

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